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kitchen backsplash
Groton kitchen backsplash

kitchen backsplash
Groton kitchen floor

Tile Masters

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"Peter is one of the very best construction contractors I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He has worked in my home on four separate projects with each project presenting its own unique challenges. In every situation he was able to find the best possible solutions.

The first time I met Peter he came to tile my kitchen floor. When he arrived the wrong subfloor had been installed by the previous contractor. Peter spent time on the phone with the tile manufacturer talking through solutions, but he wouldn't do anything to compromise the quality of the project. In the end he ripped up the floor and installed the correct subfloor before installing the tile. He was also able to correct the floor levels transitions, which I was told by a previous contractor was impossible to fix. He did this and still met the tight project timeline. He saved the project! He did all this with a light sense of humor and grace, which helped me keep my head through this difficult kitchen remodel. This is just one example of why the Tile Guy is my tile contractor."

Susan W., Groton, MA